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Whole mouth care

Most of the harmful bacteria in your mouth are not on your teeth

Many oral problems are caused by harmful bacteria in your mouth. Most of these bacteria are not on your teeth, but on other parts of your mouth such as your tongue, cheeks, palate, and floor of mouth.

Harmful bacteria cannot be removed effectively through mechanical action

The mechanical action of brushing, whether it be with a toothbrush plus an abrasive toothpaste or some other device such as a tongue scraper or addition to the toothbrush, to remove these bacteria has limitations. Antibacterials (Denta-Med) are far more effective.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 2014 Using mouthwash is a disaster for health, increasing the risk of heart attacks & strokes, scientists are warning. Swilling kills off good bacteria that help blood vessels relax - so increasing blood pressure. Professor Amrita Ahluwalia, who led the British study, condemned the widespread use of antiseptic mouthwash, saying: "Killing off all these bugs each day is a disaster, when small rises in blood pressure have significant impact on morbidity & mortality from heart disease & stroke."

(as reported in HeraldSun newspaper Monday January 27 2014)

Most mouthwashes sting and dry the mouth.

Antibacterial mouthwashes have been heavily promoted by the oral care industry to overcome these limitations, but they, too, have serious shortcomings. Some mouthwashes have a high alcohol content, which makes them unpleasant to use because they burn the mouth. Also the mouth tissues should always be kept moist. Alcohol dries the mouth. For those with limited saliva flow caused by a medical disorder or medications, this can be very distressing. Do you know you need to wait at least 30 minutes after toothbrushing before you use mouthwash?Another problem with mouthwashes is they are chemically different to toothpastes, so the use of mouthwashes immediately after toothbrushing limits any benefit. The toothpaste residue neutralises the mouthwash. To prevent this the professional recommendation is that if you choose to use mouthwashes, they be used at least 30 minutes after toothpaste†to allow the mouth to clear.

Why use both toothpaste and mouthwash when you can use a single product that kills bad bacteria but keeps the good bacteria alive?

Even if mouthwashes were effective, there are more fundamental reasons to question the toothpaste-mouthwash regime. First of all the abrasives in toothpastes are there to brighten the teeth. They have no effect on soft tissues. Secondly, it is task duplication. The mouthwash is used to make up for the inadequacies of toothbrushing and artificially mask bad breath odour. Finally, even the most vigorous rinsing with a mouthwash would not be nearly as effective as the mechanical action of brushing combined with the use of an effective antibacterial gel like Denta-Med gel.

Denta-Med gel provides up to 8 hours of antibacterial protection for your whole mouth

Denta-Med gel has unique ability to reduce harmful bacteria in your whole mouth by the combination of brushing and provide further protection up to 8 hours. This protection is due to Denta-Med gel is safe and effective antibacterial formulation.

The antibacterials bond to the teeth and soft tissues in the mouth, forming a protective screen. Just as importantly, the slow-release mechanism enables the active ingredients to be retained up to 8 hours, preventing new harmful bacteria to be formed & allowing the good bacteria to do it's work.

Denta-Med gel delivers safe and effective antibacterial protection for the whole mouth, without the inconvenience, harshness, and extra cost of mouthwashes and tongue and inside cheek scrapers.

Try the Denta-Med gel with a money-back guarantee

The Denta-Med gel has been clinically proven in independent trials and has many satisfied customers using it, many of them loyal users after trying it once. We provide a money-back guarantee for you to try Denta-Med gel by giving your money back within 30 days from purchase if you're not satisfied because the gel does not meet our claims.

Please note the information contained in this Web site is of a general nature only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a qualified healthcare professional. No person should act in reliance on any statement contained in this Web site and at all times should obtain specific advice from a qualified healthcare professional.

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