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Denta-Med and mouth ulcers
Most people experience mouth ulcers at some time in their life. Known causes are broken fillings, tooth roots, damage caused during eating, and medications. Others are of unknown causes.

These ulcers usually look like a volcano. A crater of yellow pus surrounded by raised inflamed edges. The reason these ulcers are very painful is because they are constantly being reinfected by bacteria from the mouth and from food ingredients.

They usually run a course of 10-14 days during which time life can be miserable. This is where Denta-Med helps.

it protect the ulcer from reinfection and irritants, and provides comfort

it provides antibacterial protection

it accelerates healing

it prolongs these beneficial effects for further protection

This is what Denta-Med does.

Suggested use
dry the ulcer site
apply Denta-Med
repeat one hour later
repeat one hour later
repeat before going to bed

Usually it is a pain free healing

A warning
If you have a mouth ulcer that does not heal within 14 days, see a dentist, GP, or someone who can investigate if it is more than a mouth ulcer. 5% of cancer occurs in the mouth and it can be serious.
However, most ulcers are not cancerous and have known (and unknown) causes.

"...I searched all over the Internet for a dental product for my Dad who has recurrent ulcers and bleeding gums. He has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and as a result his immune system is overactive and he has had ulcers for as long as I can remember (I am 46 and he was diagnosed 30 years ago at 36).

When I found Denta-Med, I thought it sounded worth a try. Mum and Dad said OK. He's always reticent to try something new and I thought it may be a waste of time. Anyway, Dad knew he had nothing to lose and at the time had a few ulcers the size of 5 cent pieces. That was a couple of months ago. This week Mum said, "Dad want's some more Denta-Med!" Well, I'm certain it's a miracle that I even found the product, let alone Dad was willing to give it a go. It didn't happen overnight, but as the saying goes, "It did happen!"

Now I've ordered 6 more tubes. When I was ordering, I told Mum and Dad was in the background calling out, "I'm almost finished this one!" He, they, we, all of us are sooooooooooooo happy, we couldn't be more thankful. The wonderful research that resulted in Denta-Med is a real blessing.

To anyone who 'has tried everything' I advise them to have a go. Like my Dad, you've got nothing to lose.

Thanks again, Annette Craker

"Everytime I would get run down I would get ulcers and a sore throat, making it difficult to swallow, eat and even talk. I found out about the denta med toothpaste through a family friend and it's made a huge difference. No matter how run down I get now I don't get any ulcers or the jaw infections that would follow. I have never used a product that works so effectively all the time. I have, and would recommend denta med to anyone who has the same problems as me.
R.W. Seaford, Vic.

"With my previous toothpaste, I used to get painful mouth ulcers about once a month. Now that I've been using denta-med for the past 3 months, I no longer suffer from mouth ulcers. I also find denta-med to give me better all-round oral protection - my mouth feels cleaner and healthier!"
YKC, Singapore

...I have been using the Denta-Med gel on a regular basis since it arrived. I haven't actually had any particular problems such as mouth ulcers since it came (you remember I told you I had used AP Gel (formerly Denta-Med) for a number of years with excellent results for mouth ulcers and the like), but it relieves my dry mouth as I need to use it every night. I still say this is the best product for dry mouth on the market and I have high hopes of never having to report on its efficacy for mouth ulcers!A.G.Albany, W.A.

"...I would like to say that I don't know what I'd do without it. I have suffered from mouth ulcers for a lot of my 34 years of life and now, while I do still get them, the frequency is less and so too are they less severe. Thanks for producing a product that I definitely have to say has improved my life as a whole." N.L, NSW.

Please note the information contained in this Web site is of a general nature only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a qualified healthcare professional. No person should act in reliance on any statement contained in this Web site and at all times should obtain specific advice from a qualified healthcare professional.

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