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Mouth ulcers

Do you often suffer from painful mouth ulcers?

A common type of mouth ulcer is the aphthous ulcer, or canker sore, which has raised red edges and a yellow, pus-filled centre.

We donít know what causes them, but it is thought to be due to viral, bacterial, or immune system problems. A deficient diet, stress, fatigue, and the use of toothpaste containing sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) are also considered to be contributory factors.

They usually occur on the tongue, cheeks, and inside lips, and without treatment, heal in one to two weeks. They are extremely discomforting during this period of healing because anything that touches them, whether it's food, liquid, or a toothbrush, causes pain. This means it can be difficult to eat, drink, and even talk. Furthermore, for 20% of the population, aphthous ulcers have a tendency to recur, causing pain and distress each time.

Denta-Med gels helps to heal and to prevent mouth ulcers and provides up to 8 hours' protection

Denta-Med gel helps in numerous ways:

  • The healing properties of the chitosan accelerates the healing of the ulcer.
  • Using Denta-Med gel results in a slow-release coating formed on the ulcer. This isolates the ulcer from the mouth and keeps Denta-Medís anti-bacterial and healing ingredients concentrated on the ulcer for up to 8 hours.
  • The gel does not contain irritants such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which can cause or worsen mouth ulcers.
  • The anti-bacterial effect of the ingredients prevents reinfection of the ulcer from bacteria in the mouth.
  • The gel has a mild non-irritant formulation, unlike the harsh flavours of many toothpastes and the dehydrating effect of mouthwashes with high alcohol content.
  • In addition to preventing and healing mouth ulcers, the gel delivers multiple benefits such as reduced plaque, improved gum health, and relief of dry mouth (xerostomia)and sensitive mouth, and relief of bad breath.

How to use:

Four successive applications, one hour apart, and last thing at night, usually will result in pain-free healing. In addition to this,†use†Denta-Med gel as you would†toothpaste†2 or 3 times a day until the ulcers have healed. Using Denta-Med daily, especially at night†will help in the prevention of†mouth ulcers.†††

Ulcers can be caused by more serious disorders

There can be more serious disorders such as oral thrush, herpes simplex, and oral cancer. In such cases, diagnosis and treatment are initiated by the specialist health care provider. Many ulcers are benign. Rarely do they become malignant. If in doubt, as with everything, early diagnosis generally results in a good prognosis.

Denta-Med gel helps provide optimum oral care

If the above conditions do exist, oral care must be maintained at an optimum level. Denta-Med gel helps provide optimum oral care because of its gentle action and active anti-bacterial formulation.

It is much superior to that offered by conventional cosmetic products and mouthwashes. It is recommended that the above conditions are medium to high medical risk categories so Denta-Med gel should be used 2-3 times daily with intermittent use of toothpaste according to personal preferences.

Try the Denta-Med gel with a money-back guarantee

Imagine how much more comfortable your mouth will feel if you did not have multiple, recurring, painful ulcers and can eat, drink, and talk without discomfort and pain. You can try Denta-Med gel with our money-back guarantee that it'll help heal and prevent mouth ulcers.

Now's the time for you to act on this.

"Hi Erin,
I searched all over the Internet for a dental product for my Dad who has recurrent ulcers and bleeding gums. He has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and as a result his immune system is overactive and he has had ulcers for as long as I can remember (I am 46 and he was diagnosed 30 years ago at 36).

When I found Denta-Med, I thought it sounded worth a try. Mum and Dad said OK. He's always reticent to try something new and I thought it may be a waste of time. Anyway, Dad knew he had nothing to lose and at the time had a few ulcers the size of 5 cent pieces. That was a couple of months ago. This week Mum said, "Dad want's some more Denta-Med!" Well, I'm certain it's a miracle that I even found the product, let alone Dad was willing to give it a go. It didn't happen overnight, but as the saying goes, "It did happen!"

Now I've ordered 6 more tubes. When I was ordering, I told Mum and Dad was in the background calling out, "I'm almost finished this one!" He, they, we, all of us are sooooooooooooo happy, we couldn't be more thankful. The wonderful research that resulted in Denta-Med is a real blessing.

To anyone who 'has tried everything' I advise them to have a go. Like my Dad, you've got nothing to lose.

Thanks again, Annette Craker

"Everytime I would get run down I would get ulcers and a sore throat, making it difficult to swallow, eat and even talk. I found out about the denta med toothpaste through a family friend and it's made a huge difference. No matter how run down I get now I don't get any ulcers or the jaw infections that would follow. I have never used a product that works so effectively all the time. I have, and would recommend denta med to anyone who has the same problems as me.
R.W. Seaford, Vic.

"With my previous toothpaste, I used to get painful mouth ulcers about once a month. Now that I've been using denta-med for the past 3 months, I no longer suffer from mouth ulcers. I also find denta-med to give me better all-round oral protection - my mouth feels cleaner and healthier!"
YKC, Singapore

...I have been using the Denta-Med gel on a regular basis since it arrived. I haven't actually had any particular problems such as mouth ulcers since it came (you remember I told you I had used AP Gel (formerly Denta-Med) for a number of years with excellent results for mouth ulcers and the like), but it relieves my dry mouth as I need to use it every night. I still say this is the best product for dry mouth on the market and I have high hopes of never having to report on its efficacy for mouth ulcers!A.G.Albany, W.A.

"...I would like to say that I don't know what I'd do without it.† I have suffered from mouth ulcers for a lot of my 34 years of life and now, while I do still get them, the frequency is less and so too are they less severe.† Thanks for producing a product that I definitely have to say has improved my life as a whole." N.L, NSW.

Please note the information contained in this Web site is of a general nature only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a qualified healthcare professional. No person should act in reliance on any statement contained in this Web site and at all times should obtain specific advice from a qualified healthcare professional.

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